Time rolls by

I have watched time

walk at a leisurely pace

in life’s cold shadow

it’s trembling hands

tucked deep inside two

empty pockets, while

the hours and minutes

loose their presence


At times, I have watched

time walk briskly up

an endless road, as if

to get somewhere fast,

its hands moving up and down,

to and fro, in agitated motion


By and by, time goes back

to where it came from,

its feverish hands behind

its back, walking pensively,

neither fast nor slow

pretending the present

is all that matters

while all the while

walking away from it


I have often wondered

where time comes from

where it goes, if it does

go anywhere at all?


Does time really stand

still, deluding us into

thinking about the past,

present, and future in

light years that thread

the darkness and void

of an eternity lulled

as it seems into

lasting significance?


Shyam Bhatya


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Time rolls by

  1. It creates a very distinctive mood– well done! : )

  2. Thanks Mark, appreciate your kind words!

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