Bravo, cruel sport!

Old man sees no escape from his weakening knees

Mom with kids says, I am worried about the fees

Farmer sprays chemicals but frets, oh! for the bees

Real estate baron feels ever so sorry for the trees


Fisherman cries for our ocean’s sake, God save the quays

Carpenter knocks on wood, can’t see the forest for the trees

Usurers pine, unable to milk enough off of the credit squeeze

As priestly pedophiles swear scandals blow over like a breeze


People with eyes solemnly shut pray at the altar of our Status Quo

While Thieving Corporation execs dressed formal find a way to go

Piling profits for self, God and country, and the national debt

Yes, it’s the inside track where you learn to hedge your bets


Statuesque lady in blindfolds lays down the law, but all-seeing

Judge bangs the gavel, smiling with sharp teeth showing

In shadowy dens, money and clout move quietly to appease

Policeman with baton barks, stand in line, and stay there, please!


Shyam Bhatya

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